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Scientific favor meow star people

For a responsible cat owner, the cat to provide the most suitable food for themselves and the right is the duty of care and responsibility, which is the pleasure of a cat.

To give his cat food correctly, you must know your cat, know that it's stage of life and way of life, so you can choose tailor-made food for it, let it with the support of you healthy and happy, longevity and enjoy life. Rather than feeling feed the cat food, according to legend provides care for cats.

For cats, less than one year old cat was a kitten, can choose for its young cat cat food, pregnancy and lactation cat cat also need to eat baby cat food. A year or more than one year old cat can switch to adult cat food, and cat aged 11 years of age or older, it is best to use old cat food. At the same time, the cat is growing up in the different way of life, such as indoor cat (most cats are cats, living in the interior, so general called indoor cats), its nutritional needs will also vary. On the basis of this for your cat cat food choice, is the right thing to do.

Pet cat's way of life is not the same, if you happen to have a lovely indoor cat, that means it doesn't have to hard to run and travelled for food, and the scope of activities and activity intensity also has significant limitations. It have more time to lie or sleep, also have more time to comb your hair. Therefore, on the premise of providing comprehensive and balanced nutrition, its nutritional needs will also has its unique characteristics, more in need of some special nutritional care:

  1. Due to the smaller activity, reduce the activity of the protein requirements without reducing, energy needs are significantly reduced, so that can not only guarantee the cat's muscle strength, and do not cause the overweight or obese, so that the cat has ideal body image;

2. Need high food fibre content, in order to help maintain a healthy digestive tract, effectively prevent the happening of the hair bulb disease;

3. A group of the right vitamins and minerals as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which can protect the health of the skin, prevent excessive hair loss or skin discomfort caused by excessive licking hair;

4. Contains prebiotics, safeguarding the health of the digestive tract, and can greatly reduce fecal odor, make a bedroom more health. At this time, you can buy dandle optimal crown for it indoor cat food is very wise choice. The cat food protein content as high as 38%, and the fat content is 13.5%, claim to be tailor-made for indoor cats; The fiber content of 6% to ensure the normal of gastrointestinal peristalsis, clear in time because of the cat licking the hair and hair, stay in the digestive tract, prevent the happening of the hair bulb disease to make waste more molding; Vitamin E and A, and the mineral selenium, zinc and copper, and Omega 

3 and Omega 6 fatty acids work together to work, let the coat and skin more healthy, and is the result of chicory root natural fiber prebiotics, can maintain the intestinal microbial flora optimization and stability, also can promote the absorption of nutrients, reduce fecal odor, let the living environment more health. The cat food good palatability is cat feeding into pleasure enjoy the process.

In the eyes of love the cat people, super and fish is the birthright of the cat, and meet the needs of the cat these also is to meet the needs of the cat's own inner. Pet crown to salmon and tuna formula the cat food can easily meet your cat these needs: with the high quality of salmon and tuna as the main raw material production and become, let the cat this natural predators don't release, love in sibbhult delicious fish nutrition at the same time, high quality and easy to digest of fish protein can nourish the immune system, also can let the cat's body is in the best condition, and the fish contains abundant Omeag - 3 can effectively safeguarded the cat skin healthy, vitamin A and taurine for more bright cat eyes, eyesight is better. And crucially, pet crown to salmon and tuna formula in have the characteristics of cat food at the same time, it also can provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition for cats, can correct science to meet the needs of the kitten's nutrition and health.

Love the cat people love their cat is understandable, but love also need to use the right way and method, method is to use your own wrong love hurt you love cats, let pet optimal crown to cat food together and you love your cat!!!!

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