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Ball bentonite cat litter


It’s a kind of clumping cat litter made by 100% natural bentonite.

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  • It’s a kind of clumping cat litter made by 100% natural bentonite. It’s with superior water absorptivity, deodorizing capacity and adhesive property than the traditional clay. It’s non-toxic, environment-friendly and economical cat litter nowadays.  



    Color:grey or white irregular particle, usually 3% red/blue be added as per customers’ requests

    particle size: 1.5mm-3.5mm

    water content: ≦5%

    bulk density: 800-850g/l

    powder content:≦1% 

    water adsorption rate >300%

    PH VALUE  ≥8.5

    strength against pressure: (N)≥7


    1.fill your cat littre tray with litter to a depth of 5-10cm.In order to achieve the best effect, pls do not mix it with other kind of cat litter

    2.remove your cat's excrement every day and always keep the tray dry and clean

    3.refresh the litter to keep its depth always 5-10cm in the tray not pour litter out to toilet directly

    5.after bag open,pls make bag resealed and stock in dry place 


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